I Think I’m Gonna Do It Again

I KNOW DOROTHY GRANT commented that jigs and zags in the writer’s nagivation through the creative process may possibly interest a reader more than a straight-ahead narrative. And she’s probably right. I mean, seriously. Her resident author is a big noise in the authoring game. So I figure she ought to know.

But I have so few readers that I worry — I mean, the critical mass may be too easy to move — I worry about leaving y’all in the dust when I change direction like a cattle wrangler on his favorite cutting pony, a-swingin’ that lariat, chasin’ dogies into the corral.

Even so, I think I’m gonna do it again. Which would make that incarnation of Discovery Revision 4.

See, I made the mistake — if mistake it is — of posting an old trunk story the other day, the item titled Writer’s Block, which is told, ye who read it will have noticed in a warm-and-whimsical, Kipling-meets-Milne narrative voice. Light and humorous. No profanity. Clever puns in place of “those” words. Arch asides. The narrative perspective is called an omniscient point-of-view and unlimited in scope. What writers call omni-unlimited. It’s easy for me to write, because it’s the voice my inner narrator uses most of the time, and it suits my image of Dolly. (Plus Kipling’s Just So Stories and Milne’s The World of Pooh were the first works of fiction of which I was conscious of the authors and their voices and have been life-long favorites of mine, for all they’re considered “children’s” literature.)

I’ve consciously avoided falling into this voice for the longest because it strikes me as being inappropriate. However, I’ve lately (in the last couple of days) realized that it might just be THE appropriate voice for telling Dolly’s stories. I’m seriously considering trying to write Discovery in that voice, starting over from the beginning and moving forward from my current stopping point.

I’m about 90% convinced this is a good move. So we’ll see. This weekend. I have mega chores on for this weekend — off-loading living room furniture, planning major back yard changes, and we’ll-seeing on a lot of other notions. But I do mean to spend some time working on this.

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