Progress Report

I HAVE THIS SUPERSTITION, which I picked up in the late ’70s, that I have bad luck in the time leading up to my birthday (which is Wednesday). This year, being a landmark year — I turn 60 — I figured to try to head it off and take some time off from the day job and try to get some serious wordage in on the novel.

Not working so far. I think since Friday evening, I have added maybe 2,000 words and taken away about the same in revisions. I have recast a scene which bothered me — and interspecies sex scene, which — I thought — was coming across as too clinical and explainy, and not enough sensual. So I took it in the different direction by having the expository bits replaced with dialogue between the characters. It seems to be working, but didn’t admit to being finished in the sessions I had Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, I slept a lot. And Sunday, aside from regular chores, I wrapped the legs of the small office cat tree with 3/8″ sisal Looks good. The second part worries me, that it might not be tight enough, but we’ll just have to see. Monday, I got a haircut and made popsicles. Wednesday, I have to take my car to get my radiator flushed, so Tuesday is it. Have to apply ass to chair and fingers to keys and get some frigging work done. Current word cound is 37,275. I have got stronger lines on the plot, as well as some good world building details.

2 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. So I’ll have new chapters to read soon, yes?

    Also, Happy Birthday. 🙂

    • You’re probably going to get a revised Chapter Four right quick and Chapter Five, well… At the moment, it contains one scene: What Needs to Happen. You can guess what that consists of and what has to happen to it. Once I get through that, it should be fast sledding through the scenes already written around the dollies’ geneses (genesises?), which should take us through Chapter 10 on a guess — somewhere around 50,000 words, I’d SWAG it.