You Won’t Be Able To

SIMPLY IGNORE THE Glittering Hoo-ha crowd at SFWA, having severed all connection to them. Having successfully subverted the organization to their leftist ends, they have ensured that we in the Right will have to not only refuse to associate with them (perhaps starting our own, parallel organization, analogous to AMAC versus AARP), we will have to struggle against their continued importunate behavior across the political barricades. I can’t argue with Wright’s personal decision. I would, however, urge anyone opposed to the evil that is progressivism to fight to destroy the SFWA and end its credibility as a writer’s organization. Or, rather, remove the cover that pretending to that credibility gives to the leftists’ activities under that cover. You’re going to have to continue to fight them as long as the organization exists. Why not fight to win?

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