This is NOT MilSF

WORKING ON THE CURRENT novel and reading reviews of Marko Kloos’s (I think) brilliant dystopian MILSF novels, and recognizing that I’ve painted myself into deep water over my head with designing to portray a martial society in the Trolls of Upothesa. I have exactly zero military experience (beyond a half-year or so in a dysfunctional CAP wing in which I was, sadly, an illustration of a discipline problem). All that saves me (if I manage to avoid making an utter fool of myself) is a lifelong immersion in tales, histories, and biographies teaching martial virtues.

But then, my intent is not to write military science fiction, but a myth-based urban fantasy. So, what am I to do about the fact that the core cast of characters are presented (in my own words) as members in one of the best small-unit operations outfits in the world? Should I withdraw the assertion?