Like an Author in Love With the IDEA of His Characters

I LIKE THE CONCEPT OF Good Reads. The site is a place where people who love words in a row can go to natter about their fascination with wordcraft.

The high concept of the place is a turn-on.

The reality of the actual Place is a stone drag.

Where are the buttons? I want to note my favorite authors – whether they’re members of GoodReads or not (Not: Robert A. Heinlein). Right now, I only have Joss Whedon – worthy enough, but not my only favorite. And I can’t remember how he got there. Nor can I find how to put another there – say, Charles de Lint, who, I wager, probably is a member of Good Reads. Or Sarah A. Hoyt, who I’m pretty sure IS a member. Or Amanda S. Green, who I know for a fact is a member – I’ve found her listing, but there’s no button to recommend her, or add her to your favorites list, or follow her, or anything.

Some time ago (the actual length of time is no matter – a week is a year on the Internet), I was promised the ability to add Amazon purchases to my My Books listings. A thorough description as to how to access the interface item in your controls was included with the promise. But, to date, nothing has appeared there. It ought to be an iron law of web design: Don’t Jerk Users Around. If you can’t deliver TODAY, don’t promise something TOMORROW.

I’m posting this on my blog to ensure that it appears on Good Reads. Go thou and figure why that seems necessary.

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