A Dolly XMas

A MORALITY PLAY in seven scenes.

I wrote this story on the fly around Christmas time in 1999. The notion was to give Dolly a Christmas Story of her own. I could have wished for the vision to come up with something as good as O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi,” but it didn’t come to me. So this is it. Anyway, at the time, Dolly and Drummond were a more sugary confection — light and airy. Heaviosity wasn’t in the cards for them.

Traditionally (if a 15-year habit could be called a tradition), I have presented this in parts, one a day, for the week leading up to Christmas Day, with Part 6 appearing at midnight on Christmas Eve, and Part 7 at 7AM on Christmas Day. (Read it and you’ll see why.) Maybe, sometime down the road, I’ll put this out as an eback book. But, for the moment, this is its exclusive edition. So, click the link (opens in a new tab/window) and read the story. Enjoy. Merry Christmas.

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