It Should Be Obvious to All

BUT THE SIMPLEST of simpletons that spam posts — those purporting to be sycophantic comments, but merely serve as connections to feed links back to the spammers’ sites — do not make it on the air here. In order to appear as a comment here, your post must be accompanied by a legitimate email address, read as directly relevant to the matter of the original post, and NOT have anywhere in the submitted matter links to a commercial Web site. If you can’t meet these simple criteria, save your time and mine and don’t even bother. Otherwise, your post will be deleted without notice or comment. Egregious repeaters will be banned. Multiple posters will be reported to realtime blackhole lists (RBLs), which will get your site blacklisted on the entire Internet.

Also, as it serves no purpose of this site to have users register unless commenting, and since it doesn’t require registration to comment, I have checked down the option that anyone may register. If it happens that, for the purposes of the site, a person needs to be registered (such as Sarah Hoyt, for her contributions awhile back), they will be added manually by the site management. Accordingly, all users except those registered by site management have been deleted as of today.

2 thoughts on “It Should Be Obvious to All

  1. Rosilene; I’m guessing that last word is Portuguese. Unfortunately, it’s not a cognate to English, nor a word whose Latin or Arabic roots I recognize. Could you help me out?