Shouldn’t Talk About Un-published

HELL, UNWRITTEN stories, but I was just listening to this tune and realized — I think I’ve come to this realization before, that it’s entirely apposite to the stories.

In Geppetto’s Log (Ten-fifteen years old, only seen by critters on OWW, never finished, but a complete story nonetheless.), Drummond (not yet Dolly’s lover), falls in love with Witchlet — a new Thaumismus Doctor on his Executive Action Team at HeyAye. It happens somewhat like you’re supposed to imagine it happened in the song. So, here. Enjoy this. Wish for me to get to and finish Geppetto’s Log

One thought on “Shouldn’t Talk About Un-published

  1. Does all the sex and falling-in-love make the Dolly stories romance of some flavor? And is this why it’s so hard to sell science fiction with romance in it?