Now Comes the Hard Part

THE DOLLY STORIES form an arc — fifteen-to-twenty novels currently planned, maybe more. I may get bored and bail before it’s over. I dunno. I love the little doll so much and want the stories out there, so, as torturous as it may get for me sometimes, I want to at least commit to trying.

Today I’m “working” on the front matter for The Genesis Undertaking (too much distraction to really concentrate on a real project, like the art for the cover, so I’m noodling around, dipping into Facebook, listening to the songs of the Dolly Playlist) and the Chris Isaak song “Wicked Game” comes up in the rotation. In the Dolly ficton, it’s the story of how Drummond and Witchlet fall in love. (Who’s Witchlet, you ask?














Drummond’s lady love just before Dolly. Astarté kills her at the climax of Geppetto’s Log.












OK. You can come back.Anyway. Listening to that song, I get a yearning to run off and write that book. But I know I shouldn’t. Because: other books to write. Although kicks off the whole cycle, I have a whole raft of other stories to tell first, before it comes around on the guitar.

But even so… I get these urges…

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