Gods Above and Below!

BUT I HATE PEOPLE! I just wasted a halfhour reading the comments to a reader review of Emma Bull’s The War for the Oaks and a more vicious, middle-school bunch of bratty, hate-filled shits you could not hope to find. I refuse to let that batch of fuck wits ruin one of my favorite novels for me!

But I want to take a nap, now, so I won’t go on.

2 thoughts on “Gods Above and Below!

  1. I enjoyed that book, but I was afraid that the author’s politics were incompatible with most of my friends. I was burned by “Freedom and Necessity”, and was afraid that somehow I’d missed the creeping rot in her previous work. If you like it, that must mean it’s safe to go and reread it! 🙂

    • You should be warned, before taking my endorsement as a sign it’s safe. I do have a romantic streak that played with liberalism in my teens and twenties. Frex: I lived vegetarian from 23-26 (only three years? wow! seems like more) and have been a follower of the alt~ movement, Stewart Brand, etc., due to my interest in space habitation. So some of what might have tripped your buzzer might not bother me. I happen to like the ethereal feel to Bull’s work, which impinges even in her science fiction (rare as it is, but see Falcon for example).