Sex is NOT the answer


Sex is the question. YES is the answer.

When I first put The High T Shebang (The Baby Troll Chronicles) up at Amazon, I enrolled it in the KDP Select program. In exchange for a 90 day exclusive to Amazon, and several other restrictions (among which is a commitment not to post “pornography” (very loose and vague definition)), I was supposed to get promotional consideration — none of which did I ever see any evidence of.

In response to the above-noted ban on “pornography”, I skittishly categorized the book as Contemporary Fantasy/Action-Adventure, with a disclaimer as to the erotic content, which didn’t seem to bother Amazon (I guess nobody complained). That didn’t seem to help any. (I suspect it’s mostly that the cover sucks).

But the more I read on the subject, the more I become convinced that the Baby Troll Chronicles can and will fit into an Erotica/Paranormal Romance genre set. Or not. For now, I’m going with Contemporary Fantasy, and Erotica. If the readers think it’s PNR, I’ll let THEM tell ME.

So, Tuesday, I re-categorized the book as above. Sometime in the night, the change will have been made. Let’s see if that does any good.

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