Going to be Crazy

I PLAN ON PARTICIPATING in a group promo-sale over the Labor Day weekend with the gang from Pointy Boots, According to Hoyt, Mad Genius, and PJ Media. It means that The High T Shebang — new cover and all — will be available for Kindle at the popular price of $2.99 (cheap and for a limited time only). It also means — though not on account-a-coz — that a trade paperback edition will be available — if not for immediate order, for pre-order by then. I have bought the ISBN and done the preliminary setup. Since I used Named Styles in the canonical MS file, I should be able to make a .pdf in InDesign with little problem. Potential delays will be entirely due to production turns. I fully intend the paper edition to be for sale by next weekend.

There will be a snippet Saturday, but there will also be announcements here, as we-all will be mutually plugging each other. Our very own Amanda Green has set a deadline of Tuesday to have all information for the sale to her, which means I may not have some of the links, etc., over this weekend, so, to be sure, TBT and all that, WATCH. THIS. SPACE. (Or the top of this column, in case of scrollage.

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