The Cover Aftermath

::SIGH:: Life is being a right bitch right now. But then, the most interesting things that go on in our lives always seem to go on in times of trial. The deadline approaches. I need to get some long-planned edits done on the MS file of The High T Shebang before Tuesday, so I have a well-tested book uploaded to Amazon for sale in time for the thing next weekend. I must admit that I intended to try more. But, as we say at the Patch Factory, the deadline is the most important specification to ANY job. And the deadline for this one approacheth toot fucking sweet, so I have to pull the triggers on all the various parts of it that are ready enough.

As the saying goes, the perfect is the enemy of the good. This weekend, I’ll be doing the edits and rebuilding the MS file, and getting it in shape for paper publification at the same time. Carrying over to during-the-week, I’ll be making the book layout in InDesign and pdf-ing it. Probably go through several iterations of testing at Create Space.

cvr hi-t rain 0814cvr hi-t plain 0814
Meantime, Here’s the final-enough cover. Left WITH rain, Right WITHOUT. How do we prefer it? And another thing… Is Dolly a superhero?

2 thoughts on “The Cover Aftermath

  1. My preference is with rain, but don’t trust just me. Those survey people don’t like me, because I skew the curve.

    • I’m glad we agree. I like the rain, but I’m aware it may make the cover unreadable at smaller sizes. Not that the text become illegible, but that the imagery doesn’t “read”. Oh well, I’m going with the rain cover for now.