Callisto Dolly

natasha_polyI SUSPECT ANY AUTHOR has pictures in his mind of his characters and sees said characters on the street and in print and video from time to time. Crusing on GoodShit I saw this. The very image of Cally — Dolly’s sister Dolly, one of the originals in Witchlet’s “Six Pack” of X:WP action figures.

It may come as some surprise that, having this complete an image of her appearance in my mind, I haven’t yet settled on a “formal” name for her.

She’s naked here, but I picture her mostly in tight jeans and tee shirt, both sliced horizontally across her body with a razor blade.

A Google image search informs me the model is Natasha Poly. In my imagination Cally, though, is based on a girl I had a thing for in my 20s. She never knew, I don’t think.

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