In Keeping With the Post Below

ImageABOUT CALLY DOLLY Here’s a take on Gabrielle Dolly herself.

This struck me immediately I saw it on Good Shit. I know why Fred posted it, but his reasons are not mine. As some/most of y’all know, I’ve been struggling to find a model for Dolly’s face for the longest — well, it would be fifteen years, now, woon’t it? And this is the closest I’ve seen to how I picture Dolly, even to the slight oriental cast to the features. Trouble is, I’m not skilled enough at drawing to be able to model a character from a single image. So I identified her — Katerina Martinovska, a Russian model. She’s built like a model. That won’t do for Dolly, who I’ve always pictured as being more short and wide than tall and drinkawater. Sort of like Brigid Brannagh (Angel, CSI, Army Wives, NCIS).

Swennyways, that’s the that about that.

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