Facebook, Eff You

AAAAND… HE’S BACK (SORT OF) All apologies due to everyone who found me among the disappeared. It was entirely due to the pious, filthy-minded, hypocritical, censorious … censors at Facebook who, in the operation of a public accommodation, find it meet to infringe upon the First Amendment rights of their product.

(Note: We’re not the customers. Those would be the advertisers. We’re the product that Facebook sells to those advertisers.) I was re-pinning on Pinterest images of 18th-, 19th, and 20th-Century art in the loose style-and-subject school known as Orientalism, which got echoed to my timeline here and got caught (rather quickly, as though there was somebody watching) posting images of women’s bare nipples. Which got me blocked for 24 hours (and they made me clean up my timeline).

Please to note that this action on the part of Facebook’s censors betrays both bigotry toward customs of a foreign people and an inability to discern or discriminate between fine art and pornography. It should also be noted that these images apparently passed muster on Pinterest (as they were RE-pins on my part, i.e., already posted and indexed on Pinterest, which seems to have the same “community standards” about nudity, sexuality, with the same “If it’s art, it’s OK” carve-out that Facebook purports to have.)

This is hypocritical because I have seen — and WILL NOT complain — images posted on Facebook that DO border on the pornographic, and not merely portray life in an alien culture (however romanticized that portrayal may or may not be; eff-you very much, Edward Said.)

It also amounts to what I think is an actionable discriminatory act (thought **I** won’t act on it), as it flies in the face of contemporary political drives to “permit” women the liberty men have of going shirtless in public, with which I agree, and thus the infringement on my right of free political speech — every bit equivalent to that of jihaddis and Westboro “Baptists” to post their odious political screeds and videos. Facebook is easily definable as a pubic accommodation in which the owner has no “property rights” enforceable, even under the TOS, in violation of the individual rights of its product. And so, Facebook, this is for you.


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